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Once upon a time there was a French baker who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to move to America. He took his sourdough culture with him and founded a bakery in San Francisco in 1849. Over the years sourdough bread became very popular in the Bay Area. In 1898 the gold miners travelled from San Francisco to Alaska to find gold in the rivers. They carried a leather pouch filled with sourdough culture around their neck, hidden under their clothes to keep the culture warm and alive. Food as scarce in the long Alaskan winters and the miners’ life depended on the bread baked with their personal sourdough culture. Today, old Alaskans are still called “sourdoughs” and sourdough cultures are still passed on and exchanged. Read more

Take a grill, leave a grill

After we did our experiment we created this concept for reducing the waste of grills.

Park goers can leave a grill here instead of throwing it away when it’s no longer needed. This way, other people can continue to use the grill again and again. A small shelter helps to protect the grills from rain. Users are encouraged to take a “Shared grill, join us!” sign. This allows multiple groups to use one grill when all of the grills from the shelter are in use. Opening up the barbecue group through sharing a grill encourages forming new relationships. For added convenience, users can also buy just the right amount of charcoal from a vending machine.
This could be implemented in Tempelhofer Feld, a park in Berlin that the city is already investing in as a public amenity. This system creates a grilling experience that will attract more visitors to the park. The charcoal vending machine will help generate money for the project.