EASYCOMPOST is a special bag for BIO manure which is made of Bacterial Cellulose. A bacteria that grows on sweetened water and makes the perfect material for biodegradable bag.

The idea was to create a circular system which is based on an existing system of delivery of fruits and vegetables.
The customer receives a box with EASY COMPOST bags already inside. After using, he returns them to the farmer filled with organic manure. The farmer will add the bags to his compost and will achieve excellent soil.
In exchange, the customer will be able to receive a discount for the following boxes, a process that will create a mutual commitment.



In addition, we made a homemade kit for growing the cellulose. When the material is dried on a particular surface, the cellulose takes the shape of that surface. The user will grow it into the shape of the bag’s layout. He will grow, fold, glue (using water only!) and use it as a 100% biodegradable bio waste bin.



An example of the drying process of the cellulose, after removing it from the growing area



Dried sheet. The color depends on the medium it was grown in.



The bag can be used for several days without having bad smell. It contains a compressed brick of brown waste (dried leaves and trees) at the bottom. The size of the brick will keep the right ratio between brown waste and bio waste inside the compost.





After using the bags the user will throw it to his own compost at home or will return them to the farmer.
Pouring water on the compost will make the brick expend and create the perfect mix for a great compost.



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