Design Process


The first ideations were focused on the form and combination of using this product both in Kenya and Berlin.

  • Curvy shape that indicates and abstract form of mealworms.
  • Three separate drawers for adults, larva and pupa.
  • There should be a mosquito screen to separate larva’s eggs from the adults.
  • Industrial design to attract people.


However, my design had to change after the consultation with Susanne and Virginie. Their main critiques were:

  • Keep the shape simple (straight lines and shapes).
  • No industrial design
  • Look at the resources and then look at the design.
  • Present the advantages.

So, after the consultation, I came up with a new design.

This new shape is rectangular and straight lines with available hinges. It also included weaving technique at the top drawer instead of a mosquito screen to separate the eggs. I kept the design very simple and easy for Kenyans and Berliners to use.

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