Clean Cooking – initial research

After talking with Shabu, a Kenyan artist from Nairobi currently living in Berlin, we were interested in the many problems concerning food in the slums. We began by exploring a broad range of issues about food from cultivation to consumption. Going further into this topic, we narrowed our research to focus on clean cooking.

The goal of clean cooking is to:

  • Reduce household air pollution
  • Use less fuel to save money
  • Cut CO2 emissions
  • Improve hygienic conditions

Our research also included looking at existing solutions that either improve the traditional way of cooking or are focused on using sustainable resources.

Solari- Portable Solar Cooker
Wonderbag_non-electric portable slow cooker








Baker Stove-Energy Efficient Cookstove
Elsa Stove- pyrolysis stove that uses biomass


















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