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Preforming the scores

From the many scores i wrote i have sprayed ten and preformed three. To preform the scores i have invited different people to join me in the preforming of the scores.

Clay score:

To preform this score i have asked my family who was wisting me from Israel to join me. Due to technical reasons it is not yet completed.

Basket weaving score:

For this score i have asked tow friends to join me in the park. I have given them a basket weaving workshop and we preformed the score.

these a re the results:

Wildeherbs score:

I have started this score before (City scores post) and continued it after publishing it. Due to technical reasons it is not yet completed.




Scores Spraying

After writing many scores i chose 10 and prepared stencils to spray them:


The first spraying tour took place on a Sunday morning. The empty streets gave me the space to experiment in the practises of graffiti that was new to me. I chose to spray only on objects left on the street that most likely are not interesting for anyone any more. To find objects to spray on was no problem in Berlin Kreuzberg. After a while the streets started filling up with parents and their little children. A group came near us when me and my companion where spraying a score.

” See, now they are placing the stencil and t-h-e-n….” a father tried to explain our actions to his child coming closer and closer.

“watch out,” i said “I’m about to spray and the wind will blow the colour in your direction”

The group change its position to watch me spraying from the other side. When they left they encouraged us to continue.

To have a parallel level of exposure for the scores i have created a Instagram account called REISH.GALEISH and posted the sprayed scores.


#weaving #weave #bascket #plants

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The responses on Instagram were immediate and fellt superficial. But a few days later i have found the folowing Instagram post:

A woman had seen the score on the street, took a photo, changed it digitally and posted it with some very kind words.

I have posted this score like this:

#wildherbs #molding #mold

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The Instegram experience left me ambivalent about this kind of platform. To explore it in my own methods, after tow weeks when most of the scores i have sprayed where gone, i have sprayed them again. This time i have posted a map of the locations i have sprayed them.


Playmobil mapping

In the Playmobil mapping exercise i have mapped an urban Open spice that includes a park, a river, a cafe and a street.

The conactions between the figures are represented by the lines drawn between them. Next to the line i have made a sign for the  kind of relationships: L stands for Labor etc.

My project is an attempt to intervene in habits of relationship between people and their surroundings. This map is a way to further deepen my view of urban structures.