The Concept

Today, in Western countries, the process of recycling and transforming organic manure into soil is very developed and takes place in everyday’s life. However, the tools available today for recycling are not always comfortable and sometimes are even harming the process.

For example, organic garbage cans are filled with plastic bags with organic manure. Of course, nylon and Plastic are not biodegradable and emptying these bags requires time, manpower and effort.

Most bags manufactured for organic waste are not 100% biodegradable and therefore it disturbs the process, but throwing organic garbage into the bin and without a bag is not hygienic and causes bad smell and attracts flies.

The EASYCOMPOST bag is made of 100% biodegradable waterproof cellulose and designed with a special layout which prevents liquids from leaking out. The bag contains natural “brown waste” in the exact quantity that is necessary for compost process of the organic garbage and makes the recycling process and compost easy, clean and comfortable.

It was important for me to design a convenient and innovative product so that even other countries in the world, such as in Africa, that have not yet developed a good supporting system for the process, will be able to use it and start an arranged and convenient system of organic recycling.

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