Erikas Stadtbienen


Erika Mayr already peruses for 15 years with bees and since 2007 she maintains her own bee colonies. For her the bees are a symbol of freedom and very valuable for us all. There are seven different beekeepings around Berlin and Brandenburg. The one we visited is located in Kreuzberg at the Wrangelstra├če since 2016 and contains 2 bee colonies. Dependig on the location and the weather ervery honey tastes individual, she told us. While the early summer honey has a lighter color and tastes very mild, the later honey is deep-yellow and has a stronger flavour. Altough not everyone has the same persuasion: Erikas bees are happy here in Kreuzberg. They are free to fly everywhere they want, without disturbing any neighbours or even being noticed. They live in their own little parallel universe. And while Erika works here, connects and pollinates her colonies she disappear in this universe as well.

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